horrible disease Ebola in America

horrible disease Ebola in America

What possible reason is there for bringing the ebola virus into the US? Bill is suspicious.
Ebola one of the most horrible killer disease that hit mankind, there is no cure and where are not even

sure how its spread, but it is highly contagious and kills almost every person who contracts it.
The first Ebola victims landed in the USA just this week, what kind of government would allow such a thing,

oh probably the same government that gave military or sell weapons to make some drug cartels, sending

missiles to Islamic terrorists
That is the government that has authorized Ebola to come into this nation. Dr. Margaret Chan director of

the world health organization says we must not give this virus a chance to deliver more surprises into the

Obama administration, a frightening group of extreme left wing radicals who believe the USA needs to be

humiliated, how low will Obama and his minions go?

horrible disease Ebola in America

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